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Displaying items by tag: back pressure

CY-0922 Fluid Regulator

Friday, 18 November 2011 02:13


CY-0922 Back Pressure Fluid Regulator

Increase your finishing quality and productivity. 
For fine finishing coating application the fluid pressure control is necessary items to be applied.
Cosmostar provides a high stability and reliable fluid regulator to optimize your coating system functioning by providing the highest precise pressure regulation and productivity.

Feature and Benefits

· Maintain a minimum system back pressure

· Available with mechanical control or pneumatic control

· Suitable for fluids with low and high viscosity

· Models available with wetted parts made of stainless steel

· Application-oriented pressure ranges

Typical Applications

· General coatings

· PU coatings

· UV special coatings

· Water-soluble coatings for leather

· Spraying furniture

· Spraying for small-scale works

Typical Fluids Handled

· Dyes

· Ink

· Coatings

· Solvent

· Lubricant

Technical Data

Maximum Fluid Inlet Pressure

10 Bar

Maximum Flow Rate

25 liters/min

Fluid Inlet

1/4 F

Fluid Outlet

1/4 M (2-outlet design)

Max. Fluid Viscosity

1000 cps




Carbon steel or stainless steel